Help your customers find answers

Streamline support with a free customizable Knowledge Base both your team and your customers are going to love.

Easy set-up • Free Forever • Secure​

Built for customers and your team

Share your team’s know-how internally then select what to publish publicly

Empower your team

Collaborate and share internal know-how so team members have the answers they need exactly when they need them.

Let customers self-serve

Make it easy for customers to find the answers with a free public Knowledge Base that's up and running in minutes.

Get new insights

Track article feedback and automatically save searches to gain insights into what your customers and team need help with.

Launch a Knowledge Base in minutes, not days

Format articles
with blocks

Create content effortlessly with a block-based rich text editor that supports images, GIFs, code snippets and videos.

Keep content

Create custom categories and control the display and sort order, making it easy for both your customers and your team to find answers.

out of the box

With built-in translation functionality, easily support customers all over the world from one help center.

Go live

Get your Knowledge Base up and running without the hassle of writing code, designing a template, or implementing search. It’s super simple.

Want to view an example?

Article authoring made easy

Creating content isn’t easy — making it look beautiful is hard. We make it that little bit easier with drag and drop tools that make authoring a breeze.

Make it your own

Customize colors, choose a layout and add your logo and navigation menu items. Your Knowledge Base will have just the look and feel you want.

SEO optimized

Your hosted Knowledge Base was built to help you rank well in search results and allows you to add an Open Graph image and customize metadata.

Your team is going to thank you

Your customers and your team are capable of helping themselves. All they need is a fast and organized place to find what they’re looking for. So that’s what we built.
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